Dayo Israel’s show of shame
Dayo Israel’s show of shame
The pot-bellied National Youth Leader of the APC, Dayo Israel, is once again in the eye of the storm. Not satisfied with his station atop the party’s youth wing, he wants an elevation to the federal cabinet. He feels entitled to a ministerial position and demands it loudly.
His demand rests on the fact that he attended a two-week course at Harvard Business School and conducted a vanity tour across states during the election campaign.
Attempting a sleight of hand, he masks his personal quest for power as a youth inclusion activism by the party’s youth wing. But the state youth leaders of the party, who form the nucleus of the wing, have made it clear that Israel is on his own.
He wasn’t there when they needed his leadership and direction; they would not let him get away with another attempt to exploit the youth platform for his own benefit. It’s a well-worn tactic and they are now on to his tricks.
Dayo claims he made Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu the president. That his private jet trips to receive chieftaincy titles across the country was what made the difference for the president.
But keen observers have noted that he lost his polling unit in Lagos. If he couldn’t persuade the few who voted alongside him in his backyard, how can he claim responsibility for the millions that turned up thousands of kilometres away?
He also insists that he transformed the party’s youth wing. But minus his own improved financial situation, as evidenced by the number of cars he acquired since his relocation to Abuja, no proof of any other transformation exists.
In reality, he only succeeded in dividing the youth wing and exposing the party to opposition attacks. His ill-thought ‘Jagaban Army’ misadventure caused national and global apprehension. It also fueled negative notions about the party and the candidate.
Even worse is the fact that the embarrassment and reputational hit was all for nothing. The ‘army’ failed to deliver on its promise of 40 million votes. Instead, it fell into disarray as the rank and file accused their General of abandonment and fraud.
The ugly episode epitomises Israel’s membership of the party’s National Working Committee (NWC). He causes more problems than he solves. A political liability who believes any publicity is good publicity, so long his name tops the trending charts. He gladly sets fire to the house just to dance in the glow of the flames.
He lacks the mind for strategy and the restraint for leadership. He responds to criticism, even from members of his own wing, by going on a blocking spree on social media and bragging about it. When he is not tweeting his way into trouble, he moonlights on social media as a pastor.
Perhaps he has read the Bible verse which says whoever is dishonest in little things won’t be honest if entrusted with greater responsibilities. For someone whose failure as National Youth Leader is a unanimous fact, on what basis is he demanding a cabinet position?
A likely answer might be greed. Some have even rechristened him Oliver Twist, the boy who asked for more. But Master Twist was truly lacking, a situation that makes his demand understandable. Unlike Dayo Israel who, according to Japheth Omojuwa, has been promoted beyond his capabilities. What is his excuse?
It may be pathological. A case of bringing a person out of the village but not bringing the village out of them. He remains insecure and desperate, with an inordinate thirst for power. A burning desire to be feted and served by others.
A cursory look at history shows that such a character is unfit for power. It is a privilege reserved for those driven by a higher purpose, not to line up cars for showoff on social media. Dayo Israel has, with his own mouth and actions, condemned himself.