Oduataj Entertainment extends its heartfelt congratulations to Chief Olaniran Alabi on his prestigious inauguration as the Atayese of Ladin-Lakoro Kingdom in Ile-Ife. This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone in Chief Alabi’s illustrious career and dedication to his community.

Chief Olaniran Alabi has long been recognized for his unwavering commitment to promoting cultural heritage and fostering unity within the Ile-Ife region. His appointment as the Atayese of Ladin-Lakoro Kingdom is a testament to his outstanding leadership and service to the people.

As the CEO of Oduataj Entertainment, Chief Alabi has not only made substantial contributions to the entertainment industry but also worked tirelessly to uplift the cultural and traditional values of his community. This inauguration is a well-deserved honor, and it reaffirms his position as a respected figure in Ile-Ife.

We believe that Chief Olaniran Alabi’s new role as the Atayese will further enhance the cultural richness and development of the Ladin-Lakoro Kingdom, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact he will bring to the community. Once again, congratulations on this exceptional achievement, and may your tenure be marked by prosperity, progress, and cultural preservation.