Onome Ebi signs a one year deal with the Abuja based club Naija Ratels

She’s very happy to help the team grow and impact knowledge into the upcoming players from the club

She expressed her feeling on her social media handle

My Joining Naija Ratels is beyond playing football. It’s about inspiring young upcoming female players from the grassroots to think and believe that if they dare like I did, they can make history like I did in a climate where in most cases a woman have to work twice as much as a man would to achieve success.

I strongly think my story won’t be complete if I don’t accomplish the goal of giving back to the Nigerian league, which nurtured me to stardom. It was not an easy decision for me because I had a lot of juicy offers but i believe Nigeria needs me right now.

When I was much younger, I never had the opportunity to see or train with great legends like Florence Omagbemi and others who were my idols back then. Today, I’m a legend, making it in life as a footballer in one of the most difficult climate any girl could possibly hope to ply a trade like football. I believe my joining Naija Ratels FC, with very young sets of players, is the best way to share my story of success and inspire female youngsters across Nigeria and Africa.

I believe if I retire now like a lot of critics have suggested, without first impacting the Nigeria Women Football ecosystem, I would have failed a nation that gave me an opportunity to become a legend and through which I made history. My goal is to continue to promote women’s football at all levels and inspire grassroots female players to aspire to be better than me and my colleagues.

With Naija Ratels FC, I’ll continue to shine the light as a source of encouragement and beacon of hope to other players